Much More Than A Website: Signalfire Manages Brand of Environmental and Building Renovation Services Company

Balestrieri Environmental, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Balestrieri Environmental & Development, Inc. provides environmental and building renovation services for the commercial and industrial markets throughout the Midwest. Formed in 1992, the firm quickly established themselves as a high quality provider. However, establishing a well-defined brand in their crowded, low-barrier industry wasn’t as easy. They knew they had a great story to tell, but were struggling to do it on their own. To make matters worse, the web development firm they hired in 2012 to re-do their outdated HTML website couldn’t deliver. That’s when Signalfire, a hybrid digital branding and web development agency, arrived on the scene.

“The first thing we did was listen,” recalled Matthew Olson, president of Signalfire. “Previous agencies didn’t take time to dig deep and understand the client’s culture, core brand identity, and what we call “true-north goals.” Our process is to work closely with the client to help them articulate who and where they are in the market space and what success means to them.”

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Will Your Email Marketing Be Hurt By Gmail’s New Categories?

Changes to Google Gmail May Reduce the Open Rates of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The email marketing world is currently being shaken up by Google’s recent change to Gmail’s inbox. A new auto-sorting feature places many email newsletters and solicitations into a separate category folder, “Promotions,” and not the main Inbox. For users this change has met with mixed reviews, but for businesses that rely on the power of email marketing—things just got real.

What does “just got real” mean for a business or organization? Simply put, your email outreach to both new and potential customers (your “community”) will be facing some fresh challenges. Granted, this change only impacts those using Gmail in a browser, but the number of Gmail users goes beyond those with an “” address. Many businesses and organizations also use Google Apps to cost effectively host their email and this new sorting function is impacting them as well.

What should you do?

Content Marketing as a Vital Investment

Traditional marketing says you are the right choice, but content marketing shows your company is a dependable investment. Content marketing is critical for small businesses because it effectively builds brand awareness, allows for more customer interaction, drives in leads, brings in visitors, improves SEO results, and improves your customer retention rate. There is no doubt that a solid content marketing strategy is a vital investment for your company’s reputation and worth.

What is content?

Learning the basic foundation to content marketing is key to a successful content strategy. Content is everything on your website, which can be the main pages on the site; About, Contact, Products/Services, Blog/News, and FAQ pages. In terms of marketing, it is everything that can be shared; social media posts, news releases, blogs, etc. 

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Want People to Return Your Emails? Avoid These Words [INFOGRAPHIC]
Next time you write an email subject line, think twice about the words you’re using. Loading your message with words such as “confirm,” “join,” “press,” or “invite” is not a good idea if you want a response, says data from Baydin, the makers of email plugin Boomerang. Baydin recently extrac…