Will Your Email Marketing Be Hurt By Gmail’s New Categories?

Changes to Google Gmail May Reduce the Open Rates of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The email marketing world is currently being shaken up by Google’s recent change to Gmail’s inbox. A new auto-sorting feature places many email newsletters and solicitations into a separate category folder, “Promotions,” and not the main Inbox. For users this change has met with mixed reviews, but for businesses that rely on the power of email marketing—things just got real.

What does “just got real” mean for a business or organization? Simply put, your email outreach to both new and potential customers (your “community”) will be facing some fresh challenges. Granted, this change only impacts those using Gmail in a browser, but the number of Gmail users goes beyond those with an “@gmail.com” address. Many businesses and organizations also use Google Apps to cost effectively host their email and this new sorting function is impacting them as well.

What should you do?


A good plan executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. -General Patton

George Patton was the man. Period.


A good plan executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. -General Patton

George Patton was the man. Period.

Product Demonstration Video for the Food Industry

Signalfire recently delivered a product demonstration and best practices video for Continental Plastic, a Wisconsin-owned food safety and sanitation product manufacturer. The nearly six-minute video was shot in high definition and featured custom composed music as well as professional voiceover. Several variations of the video include separate product features and localized versions in Spanish for North and South America. Continental Plastic intends to utilize the video on their website, at tradeshows, and through their global distribution network.

Signalfire coordinated with Continental Plastic through all stages of development including, script writing, storyboard development, and on-site production/direction. The video was shot on location near Fort Wayne, Indiana and Birchwood Genetics, a supply partner for swine genetic materials and management, provided additional support and supplies. The video shoot also maintained a “safe” environment by having all production personnel in recommended clean gear.

Read more about this project and see our other video projects!

Is Twitter Right for My Business or Organization?

Twitter has been one of the biggest question marks for business marketing efforts since it came on the scene a few years ago. Some businesses jumped in, saw great results. Others took the same impetuous leap of faith and saw nothing in return. Now it has become well entrenched in the public’s mind with TV shows flashing real time messages, local restaurants broadcasting specials, and even emergency weather notifications. Many small business owners look at it and ask, is Twitter right for my business?

Small Business Owner: Does The Weather Have You Stuck At Home?

Hey there fellow small business owner. Does the weather have you stuck at home? Thinking of the 1.83x10^5 things you have to do at the office? Forget them all.

Write. Yes, write.

Your website is in desperate need of fresh content. Remember that awesome thing that happend at the end of last month? Your future customers want to hear about it and how you can make it happen for them, too. Sure, fresh writing will help with search engines, but you’re not writing for Google. You’re sharing a story that will get your next customer saying, “these are my kind of people.”

You don’t need to pen the next great American novel. You don’t even need to get to page 2 on a Word document. 200 or 300 words can be more than enough to share the awesome that is your business. So get cracking.

Wait. What? You can’t update your website from home? You need to call us. Now.